Hello Lithuania!

As being the fastest growing phygital lender in South-Eastern European region, with core markets in Bulgaria, Romania, and banking operations in Germany, Sweden, Denmark and Poland, we are happy to announce that we are now entering the Lithuanian market.

The move is in line with our overall business strategy through which we are enlarging our European digital footprint in the Nordics, Baltics and Central Europe. The direction is based on the strong market position of our mother company 4finance which is already recognized as one of the leading digital lending brands in the region.

These stable and higher in standard of living countries offer us the opportunity to diversify our portfolio in terms of credit risk and risk of concentration. Therefore, entering the Lithuanian market comes as a natural next step, benefiting from 4finance’s expertise and digital sales channels for acquiring customers.

In Lithuania, we will digitally offer consumer lending services without opening a branch. This way, we gain the opportunity to diversify our product portfolio, while offering customers more financial alternatives and building our position as an international banking services provider.

“Being one of the leading lending champions in South-Eastern Europe, we are constantly looking for expanding our business and entering new markets while benefiting from the synergy between TBI Bank and 4finance. Stepping in Lithuania is a strategic move which will furthermore strengthen our digital footprint in Europe. We are looking forward to this exciting new challenge that is ahead of us,” says Petr Baron, CEO TBIF (TBI Bank).

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Hello Lithuania!